Religious School

Through our Hebrew school and Hebrew High school to adult education programs, we consider learning to be lifelong journey.

Our award-winning Religious School has been cited several times as a school of excellence. We utilize a traditional classroom setting, art projects, field trips and music appreciation. Students who have special needs or a learning disability are given one-on-one instruction.

Kindergarten through fifth-grade students attend classes two days per week. Sixth- and seventh-graders attend three days, and the Hebrew high school (eighth grade through eleventh grade) meets one day per week.

From the beginning, students are taught how to read and write Hebrew, the significance and history of the holidays, culture and learn about the modern state of Israel and Judaism both in the United States and internationally. Further, we work with students on community service projects and other social issues (i.e. bullying, tolerance, personal responsibility) that may be addressed in other aspects of their lives. Hebrew High School students enjoy a seminar-style of learning where they are given the chance to debate and further delve into issues that are relevant to Judaism.

For more information, contact Dafna Liebel at 516 483-8751.

Our school has been named a

School of Distinction by United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.

Gimel Class Consecration

Passover Matzo Making and Model Seder

Click here for Matzo Making Video