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Media Gallery

2023 Men’s Club Fire Safety Demo


2023  Hebrew School Gimel Consecration

2023 Yom HaAztmaut Bar BQ

2023 Yom Ha Shoa


2023 Chametz Burning (Bior Chametz)

Click here to view video

2023 Hebrew School Model Seder

2023 Hebrew School Matzoh Making

Rabbi and Nancy Androphy Retirement Dinner

2023 Purim

2023 World Wide Wrap

Casino Night

2022 Chanukah video

Click here

Men’s Club Paid Up Dinner

Sisterhood Dairy Dinner Honoring the 80th Anniversary of Torah Fund

Norris Reflections Room Dedication

On Sunday, October 23, 2022, we came together to dedicate our new REFLECTIONS ROOM.

The room is located adjacent to the Daily Chapel. Thanks to the generosity of the Norris family, what was a storage room has been transformed into a room for reflection, meditation, and contemplation.

The room, which now connects directly with the Adelsberg Hallway and the Daily Chapel, contains the memorial tablets from Temple Beth-El (TBE) and some EMJC plaques, the Holocaust Torah from TBE, benches from the TBE daily chapel (originally from a synagogue on the Lower East Side), and a display case featuring some of the silver Torah ornaments from EMBEJC.

The Reflections Room will be open any time the synagogue is open. The Norris family has dedicated the Reflections Room in memory of their parents, of blessed memory, EMBEJC members, Dorothy and Jerry Norris.

2022 Hebrew School Sukkot

2022 Sukkah Build


Click here for lots more  Sukkah Build photos

2022 Tashlich

EMBEJC congregants braved the rain and wind to participate in Tashlich

and cast our sins upon the water.  Even the seagulls had set their calendar


Men’s Club Paid Up/ Mr. Men’s Club Dinner

Congratulations to Mike Turner EMBEJC Men’s Club Mr. Men’s Club

Sisterhood Paid Up Membership Dinner

2022  Lag BaOmer Bar B-Que and Family Night

Many more photos are here   CLICK THIS LINK

2022 EMBEJC Yom HaShoa

Video Recap of EMBEJC Yo Ha Shoa Ceremony click here

Purim 2022

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World Wide Wrap

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Consolidation Procession

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Shalach Manot Assembly

Purim Costumes

Men’s Club Purim Play

Sisterhood Megillah making

Zahava Hamentashen Bake

Chinese New Year Celebration

World Wide Wrap 2020

Latkes, Vodkas and Tchotchkes

Sisterhood Paid Up Membership Dinner 2019

Congratulations to Bonnie Kardisch  2019 EMJC Sisterhood Woman of the Year

Men’s Club Paid Up Membership Dinner 2019

Kadima 2019 Kick Off Ice Cream Party

Tashlich and Succah Build 2019

Pre Succah Party

Men’s Club End Of Year Dinner

Sisterhood End Of Year Dinner 2019

Hebrew School Graduates

Lag B’Omer Bar B Q


Yom Ha Shoa 2019

Video of Yom Ha shoa Concert played on restored instruments from the Holocaust  click here


Men’s Club Purim Play

Purim Costumes

2019 65th Anniversary


65th Anniversary hora Video Click here

65th Anniversary Hora Video click here



2019 World Wide Wrap

2018 Tashlich at Jones Beach

Building the Sukkah

2018 Men’s Club End of Year Dinner

2018 Sisterhood End of Year Dinner

2018 BQLI Woman’s League Woman of the Year

Congratulations to Bernice Lite

2018 Men’s Club Man Of the Year

Congratulations to Frank Berkowitz


2018 Yom Yerushalayim Family Bar B Q

2018 Yom Ha Shoa  Remembrances of visting the EMJC Holocaust Torah synagogue

click the link above.  Congregants share their thoughts when they visited the synagogue that is the origin of our Holocaust Torah

Israeli Dance Class celebrates Israel’s 70th Anniversary

Click link above

Yom Ha Shoa Holocaust Remembrance Day

Purim 2018

2018 World Wide Wrap


2017 Sisterhood Challah Baking Event

Click link above

2017 Building Our Sukkah and Tashlich video

Click the link above

Riding With the Rabbi Video

Every Friday, a group rides through East Meadow into Eisenhower Park and back

Click here to see the video 2:25 Minutes long


2017 Men’s Club End of year Bar BQ

2017 Sisterhood End of year Dinner

Congratulations to EMJCer Audra Mauner for winning a Jewish Educators Assembly Award for recognizing outstanding lay leaders.

EMJCers walk for

2017 Testimonial for Doug Lieberman

2016 Dreidles and Donuts

2016 Sisterhood Paid Up Membership Dinner

2016-sisterhood-paid-up-18 2016-sisterhood-paid-up-17 2016-sisterhood-paid-up-16 2016-sisterhood-paid-up-14 2016-sisterhood-paid-up-13 2016-sisterhood-paid-up-12 2016-sisterhood-paid-up-11 2016-sisterhood-paid-up-10 2016-sisterhood-paid-up-9 2016-sisterhood-paid-up-8 2016-sisterhood-paid-up-7 2016-sisterhood-paid-up-6 2016-sisterhood-paid-up-5 2016-sisterhood-paid-up-4 2016-sisterhood-paid-up-3 2016-sisterhood-paid-up-2 2016-sisterhood-paid-up-1            Photos by Larry Siegel

Yom Ha Shoa 2016

Video of Hebrew School Chorus Yom Ha Shoa 2016   Link will open in a new page

Video of Annie Bleiberg at EMJC    Video will open in a new page

Purim 2016

Shalach Manot Assembly

2016 Purim -1

2016 Purim -12 2016 Purim -11 2016 Purim -8 2016 Purim -7 2016 Purim -10 2016 Purim -4 2016 Purim -5

Purim Costume Parade

2016 Purim -66 2016 Purim -65 2016 Purim -64 2016 Purim -63 2016 Purim -62 2016 Purim -61 2016 Purim -60 2016 Purim -59 2016 Purim -58 2016 Purim -57 2016 Purim -56 2016 Purim -55 2016 Purim -54 2016 Purim -53 2016 Purim -52 2016 Purim -51 2016 Purim -50 2016 Purim -48 2016 Purim -47 2016 Purim -46

2016 Men’s Club Purim Play

2016 Purim -442016 Purim -28 2016 Purim -43 2016 Purim -27 2016 Purim -14 2016 Purim -26 2016 Purim -23 2016 Purim -32

2016 World Wide Wrap

wrap final jpg


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